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Ceiling paint

Looking for the best ceiling paint for your various rooms in the house? You can of course go with wall paint, although at Tintrio we have a range of paints specially developed for your ceiling that reduce the risk of splashing.

Which paint to use for your ceiling?

  • Wooden ceilings: Do you have a ceiling with wooden slats? Then you can go with the Sikkens Rubbol BL line. Or choose a the Levis one-pot system for wooden ceilings.
  • Kitchen and bathroom: Not sure if these rooms are well ventilated? If so, use Sigma Pearl Clean Matt just to be sure. This wall paint can also be applied to your ceiling and has excellent resistance to water vapour.
  • Primer for ceiling: If your ceiling has never been painted before or if the paint layer is no longer intact, make sure you use a good primer such as Levis Mur & PlafondSigmacryl Prim Opaque is also highly recommended for newly built houses.

Ready for your project? Or would you first like to consult a how-to guide and get some more inspiration? Then scroll further down. 👇

Get inspired and start painting!

Take a closer look at our how-to guide ceiling painting and decide which paint colour to use. White is the most popular colour for ceilings, but there are many differences, as you can see in our white colour blog.

If you have a high room and want to make it look smaller or cozier, you can choose to paint your ceiling a different colour than the walls and start lower. Conversely, you can also make your space optically larger by giving your ceiling the same shade as your walls.

Do you have any specific questions? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you further in your painting project. In the meantime, you can maybe find your answer yourself under the tab Frequently Asked Questions.

What do you paint first, the walls or the ceiling?

Always start with your ceiling first. Otherwise you might end up with splashes on your freshly painted walls, which is something we want to avoid at all costs. Is there no other way to paint your ceiling afterwards, because you had a leak and now have ugly moisture rings? Then be sure to take masking film to stick to your walls to prevent splashing.

Be careful though: use an insulating paint if you want to mask moisture problems and be sure to wait until the moisture spot has dried.

Use ceiling paint or wall paint?

Using wall paint on your ceiling is fine. So if you bought a lot of wall paint, you can also give your ceiling a refresh. Although we also have specific paints for your ceiling in our range that are even more pleasant to use. In addition, ceiling paint generally has a thicker consistency which reduces the chance of splashing. Still a big advantage if you ask us!