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Logistic Champion @ The SafeShops Awards 2021

Mid 2021, we received wonderful news: we were nominated for one of the SafeShops Awards. To be able to receive such an award, however, we first had to be subjected to some thorough consumer research, conducted by an independent research agency. 

The participants in that research appeared to be no strangers. They were our very own customers. They decided to give us a lot of positive scores, which eventually led up to our first award: the Logistic Champion Award

The Logistic Champion Award is presented to three webshops that excell in their logistics, in their respective size categories (small, medium and large). From timely deliveries, to smooth returns, they (and we) receive the highest scores for it. We were beyond grateful for such recognition.

Logistic Champion @ The SafeShops Awards 2022

In 2022, once again, we received a nomination for one of the SafeShops Awards. It was still very exciting for us, because receiving one award does not necissarily mean receiving a second one. We always try to keep up the good work, but so do other webshops, of course.  

 Same has the year before, our customers were asked to participate in an independant enquiry about us. And again... they helped us win an award! It was the second time for us, winning the Logistic Champion Award, with even higher scores than the year before.

Obviously, we're not seeing this as our peak, but as a stop on the way to an even higher top :) We continue to put a lot of effort in our logistics and any other department of our webshop. 

Becom Sustainability Award 2023

In 2023, the Belgian E-commerce Awards were presented for the first time by Becom (formerly known as BeCommerce and SafeShops). 

For us an even more exciting edition than in 2023, because winning a consumer award just like that for the third time in a row would be very special! 

Once again, we achieved a great score for our shipping, but we did not go home with the Logistic Champion Award this time. In fact, our efforts around sustainability did not go unnoticed either and were rewarded by our customers with the Sustainability Award!  

As in 2022, of course, that is not the end of our story. We continue to look further to improve our webshop in all areas. And in doing so, we always listen to you - our loyal customers 🙏

Our Becom membership

Becom (before known as SafeShops / BeCommerce) is an e-commerce association for Belgian webshops. Their goal is to make sure online shoppers in Belgium can have the best and safest shopping experience. 

Webshops that carry the Becom Trustmark - as we do - are annually subjected to a legal screening, where an independent law firm establishes whether all legal requirements are (still) met. You can therefore rest assured: ordering online at Tintrio is completely safe!