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Ciranova Wood Filler Gel


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Ciranova Wood Filler Gel

Tintrio Reviews with ekomi.nl
Gupa-maker is een gel die moet worden gemengd met fijne schuurstof van de houtsoort die u wilt behandelen.

Voordelen voor jou

  • Bindmiddel om te mengen met het schuurstof. 
  • Voor het snel stoppen kleine gaatjes. 
  • Neemt de kleur van de beits en olie over.

Ciranova Wood Filler Gel - Wood repair gel


To use Ciranova Wood Filler Gel, simply mix the gel with fine sanding dust from the wood you want to repair. This product is perfect for stopping nail holes, repairing wood parquet floors, and fixing various small wood damages. For larger repairs, repeat the treatment as necessary.

This product has limited shrinkage, which means it won't crack or shrink over time. Here are some key features of Wood Filler Gel:

  • Acts as a binding agent when mixed with sanding dust
  • Plugs nail holes, gnarls, and seams quickly
  • Takes on the color of the stain and oil, ensuring a seamless finish

In summary, Wood Filler Gel is an essential product for anyone who wants to restore their wood surfaces to their former glory. Its easy-to-use formula, limited shrinkage, and versatile application make it the go-to choice for all your wood repair needs.


to use Wood Filler Gel, start by mixing it with fine sanding dust (P100 - P120) from the same type of wood you want to treat. We recommend deep sanding with 60-80-100 grit followed by sanding with 100 grit to ensure optimal results. The correct ratio of gel to dust depends on the application, but keep in mind that the Wood Filler Gel acts as a binding agent, so you will typically need more sanding dust than gel.

Once the mixture is ready, apply it to the damaged area with a spatula or putty knife. If you have any leftover paste, store it in a closed jar to prevent hardening.


After the paste has dried, sand the surface smooth with grain P100 to achieve a flawless finish. With Wood Filler Gel, your wood repairs will look as good as new in no time!

Key features

  • Binder to mix with sanding dust. 
  • For quick plugging of nail holes, knots and seams. 
  • Takes on the colour of stain and oil.
Application method: Spatula or putty knife
Opacity: Transparent
Purpose: Floor, Furniture, Kitchen cabinets, Parquet, Stairs
Base: Solvent-based
Interior / exterior: Interior
Substrate: Wood
Area: Bedroom, Child's room, Hallway, Kitchen, Living room
Characteristics: 1-component
Product type: Filler, Putty
Tintrio Reviews with ekomi.nl