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Sigma Siloxan Fix Syn


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Sigma Siloxan Fix Syn

Tintrio Reviews with ekomi.nl

Synthetic fixative for mineral substrates. It improves adhesion and provides a durable base for finishing. Ideal for various applications.

What's in it for you

  • Fixes the substrate 
  • Excellent adhesion properties 
  • High penetration capacity 
  • Water vapour permeable 
  • Unsaponifiable

Sigma Siloxan Fix Syn - Fixative Agent


Sigma Siloxan Fix Syn is a solvent-based fixing agent ideal for highly absorbent and slightly powdery substrates. This product not only strengthens the substrate, but also creates a solid base for further finishing with high-quality Sigma Siloxan exterior wall paint.

Key features

  • Firming properties 
  • Fixes highly absorbent substrates 
  • Fixes slightly powdery substrates
Application method: Paint brush, Paint roller
Coverage: 6 m²/l
Opacity: Transparent
Purpose: Walls
Base: Solvent-based
Interior / exterior: Exterior
Substrate: Brick, Concrete, Plasterboard, Stucco
Area: House exterior
Characteristics: 1-component, Water vapor permeable
Product type: Impregnating agent, Primer
Tintrio Reviews with ekomi.nl
Technical data sheet (NL)
Technical data sheet (FR)
Safety data sheet (NL)
Safety data sheet (FR)